Wellcome to Sampokeskus Shopping Centre

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Sampokeskus is located conveniently in the city centre of Rovaniemi. You will easily get to the Shopping Centre from the pedestrian street and from the Lordis Square named after the Eurovision Winner Mr. Lordi.

In Sampokeskus you will have good choice of fashion for all ages and tastes, fine cafes and restaurants and also the Finnkino cinema (no dubbing of movies in Finland). Enjoy your stay!

Shopping Centre Sampokeskus
Maakuntakatu 29–31 A, 96200 ROVANIEMI

Contact Information

Shopping Centre Sampokeskus
Maakuntakatu 29–31 A, 96200 ROVANIEMI


Shopping Centre Office

Rovakatu 30, 4th Floor, 96200 ROVANIEMI


Shopping Centre Manager

Ahti Ylimäinen
Tel. +358 207 664 716


Missing Goods

Please call our security
tel. +358 207 664 718


Please park your car at our parking hall. You can easily find the entrance at the corner of Maakuntakatu and Pekankatu.
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Leasing of car parking space in Sampokeskus Parking Hall

Are you looking for a warm car parking to your automobile? Please contact our parking operator Finnpark
tel. +358 3 387 8333 or

Public transport

The nearest bus stops of Sampokeskus are only at one block´s distance at the street Korkalonkatu. Buses no. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5A, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 ja 14 pass nearby Sampokeskus.